New gig dates:


Sat 31st July 4pm to 7pm:

Matlaske Music and Pizza afternoon   

Sun 24th October 2pm onwards:

St Mary's Church Watton  

November/December Threescore in Concert with guests:

Place and time TBA  

         All last year we were not idle, preparing for the day when we could play out again. In those rare times when we were able to get together, Pete introduced the band to an old favourite of his with   him on vocals, Mike on Fiddle and Angie on the brand new squeezebox acquired before the first  Lockdown last year. Pete also composed a couple of new exciting songs for us to try and Mike  shared some great new tunes which we have nearly mastered. Angie was busy too, composing a couple   of new songs to which Mike and Pete have added some nice accompaniments.  We're very much  looking forward to performing these in the near future along with our old favourites.

For Enquiries and Bookings Contact:

​​ Mail:​ info@threescore.uk​​​
 Tel:01603 871886 or 01263 577795
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In the Studio!

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